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If you are searching for a Physical Therapist in the Greater Sacramento area, search no more. All of us at Capitol Physical Therapy are dedicated to providing services that improve the overall health of our patients in a supportive, compassionate and energetic environment. Established in 1957, Capitol Physical Therapy is one of the oldest, privately owned physical therapy clinics in California.

Our therapists and staff recognize that each of our patients is unique and we make it our goal to provide patients with the knowledge and tools they need to live healthy, pain-free lives. Our highly trained therapists offer a broad range of therapies and treatment techniques in a professional and friendly environment.

We would love to team up with you to meet your rehabilitation goals. If needed, we can help direct you to one of our colleagues in the field that might be a better match for you and your condition. Give us a call. We would love to help you.

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Read what our patients have to say...

  • These folks have been instrumental in helping me reduce pain and heal after my car accident.…

    - Mariah L.

  • The treatment I received with Capitol PT was absolutely fantastic. I enjoyed looking forward to coming to physical therapy every week. Everything they did increased my ability to use my shoulder. And then when I had the knee operation, every bit of it helped. It was one of the high points of my week. I think the people @ CPT are more than just simply clinicians, they're really concerned and wonderful people.…

    - Grant C.

  • There's that family atmosphere. There's that warmth, there's that encouraging, cheerful service and people really care about you. It's not about getting the patient in and getting the patient out. It's about getting to know you better. Making it real easy in a time that's real difficult and challenging. You're in pain, you're hurt, the emotional dynamics of it. I would just say that they are great people and in any field of expertise you need to have that connection. The staff here make it easy. Physical Therapy is fun here.…

    - David K.